We support the hurricane victims in Texas and Florida, and Puerto Rico

Like the rest of the country we were glued to the news coming-in recently.  We watched the latest reports of this country’s second devastating hurricane in just two weeks!  How could this happen?  As it turns out, parts of Florida suffered the same fate as the hardest hit parts of Texas.  The wind and water damage was devastating.  The price paid in property loss was horrendous.  Worst of all were the untold number of lives lost.

What has emerged from all of this is a resilience on a scale that we’ve seen just a few times in our lives.  With their chins up, Texans Floridians, and now Puerto Ricans are doing what they need to do.  Through strong determination, neighbors are helping neighbors and meeting unbelievable challenges head-on.

As a country we must band together as we have already began to do.  We must help our fellow citizens rebuild their lives.  Once the waters recede and the news cycle fades, it is important for us to realize that the hurricane victims’ struggle has just began.  For many, the struggle will continue for months and years to come.  It is our job in the rest of the country to help those who are trying to help themselves.  If not with our hands, with our wallets.