Mr. Steam Electronice Ass’y, iTempo™ Plus

Mr. Steam Electronice Ass’y, iTempo™ Plus


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Elevate your steam shower experience with the Mr.Steam Electronic Assembly for iTempo™ Plus, a state-of-the-art component designed to enhance the functionality and reliability of your iTempo™ Plus steam control system. This assembly incorporates cutting-edge electronics to manage every aspect of your steam shower, from precise temperature settings to customized session durations, ensuring a luxurious and personalized steam environment. Weighing just 1 lb., it is engineered for easy integration into your existing iTempo™ Plus setup, making it an ideal choice for both upgrade and maintenance needs in residential and commercial applications. Optimize your steam shower with this premium electronic assembly, showcasing Mr.Steam’s dedication to superior quality and innovative steam solutions.



  • Sophisticated Steam Control: Provides comprehensive management of your steam shower’s features for a tailored steam experience.
  • Compatibility with iTempo™ Plus: Designed specifically to integrate seamlessly with the iTempo™ Plus steam control systems.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Enables advanced customization and control, improving the overall enjoyment of your steam shower.
  • Compact and Efficient Design: Maintains the sleek and unobtrusive aesthetic of your steam setup while offering robust functionality.
  • Durable and Reliable: Constructed to meet the high standards of performance in the moist, steam-filled environments.



  • Model: 104108iPLUS
  • Compatibility: Exclusively for Mr.Steam iTempo™ Plus steam control systems
  • Part Type: Electronic Assembly, iTempo™ Plus
  • Weight: 1 lb.