Mr. Steam Valve Safety 15PSI 1″ Sec 1


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Introducing the Mr.Steam Safety Valve 15PSI 1″ Sec I, a top-tier component designed to ensure the highest level of safety for both residential and commercial steam systems. This safety valve is engineered to automatically release steam pressure at 15PSI, preventing overpressure conditions that could compromise system integrity and safety. Its 1″ size is optimized for larger systems, providing a robust solution for maintaining safe operating conditions with ease.



  • Advanced Pressure Relief: Automatically activates at 15PSI, effectively managing steam pressure to prevent system overloads.
  • Enhanced Compatibility: The 1″ valve is perfectly suited for larger Mr.Steam systems, offering a secure fit and optimal performance.
  • Robust Construction: Manufactured for durability, it stands up to the demands of continuous operation in both residential and commercial environments.
  • Streamlined Installation: Designed for ease of installation, it minimizes downtime and ensures your system is quickly back to operational status.
  • Compact and Efficient: Despite its powerful capabilities, it maintains a compact form factor, weighing only 1 lb. for easy integration.



  • Model: 99141
  • Compatibility: Ideal for use in Mr.Steam residential and commercial steam systems
  • Part Type: Safety Valve 15PSI 1″ Sec I
  • Weight: 1 lb.