Harvia Legend Protective Floor

The Harvia WL100 & WX018 protective beddings are made of aluminium-zinc-coated steel. The protective bedding is used when, for example, the fireplace or stove is installed onto a waterproofed tile floor. If the fireplace or stove is installed onto a wooden floor with the protective bedding, a protective sheath must be used as well. Safety means quality of life and Harvia, the world’s largest sauna heater and stove manufacturer and a pioneer of sauna technology, knows this. 

Resources: Harvia Legend Protective Floor Manual

Harvia Legend Protective Shield

The Harvia WL200 protective sheath is designed for use with all wood-heated Legend stoves. Perfectly compatible with a Legend stove, the protective sheath significantly decreases the safety distances of the stove, making stove placement and bench solution planning easier. The number of protective sheaths mounted can range from 1 to 3 as required. The sheath is made of a metal sheet that has been painted black. When you purchase a handmade Legend stove, be sure to also equip it with this legendarily robust protective sheath. 

Resources: Harvia Legend Protective Shield Manual