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There’s a reason we’re called The Sauna Place. We sell saunas and lots of them! Because we offer free customization, we have literally millions of choices and combinations of saunas for sale.


The Sauna Place is your steam headquarter!  From the smallest residential steam generators, to the largest 24 hour a day commercial steam units, let us lend you our knowledge and know-how to assure you get the best possible results!

Sauna Health Benefits

Calm the Mind and Body

Did you know that sauna is an excellent way to make one’s immune system stronger, by introducing a controlled use of hot and cold stimulation?

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We’re the web’s number one site for upscale products such as saunas, steam equipment and more for sale. Every day we help homeowners, tenants, contractors, architects, hotel and property managers. No matter what your level of knowledge, we can give you the equipment and advice you need for your project. Just email or call us to get all of your questions answered.

We know price is important and are willing to compete with anyone for your business! Of course, First-Class Customer Service is standard with EVERY purchase. If you have questions or problems we’re here to handle them. So relax and enjoy the good life with healthy products from The Sauna Place!

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