My wife and I really enjoy our sauna heater from the Sauna Place. It is our first and only stop when it comes to buying sauna supplies. Customer service is great and always willing to help. Thank you again for your service.

Gainesville, TX

I have now ordered two saunas from the Sauna Place. Both times, the entire process went very, very well. The drawings, the design, the service, delivery–in short, everything–was seamless. I ordered once in New England and another time in California. On both sides of the country, things were prefect. I worked with Tracy and Josh. They were both great. Even after installation, when I had an issue, they called me right back. Their prices are reasonable and great service. I am a huge fan of the Sauna Place. I recommend them to anyone who wants a sauna.

Redwood City, CA

I ordered the FPC47 4′ by 7′ kit with the FLB-60 heater. This kit is designed to be installed inside a pre-framed room in your house. I didn’t have a space in my house to do that, so I built a “storage shed” frame the correct size and put the sauna out in my garage. (This allows me to take the sauna with me if I move, which I tend to do about every 3-4 years.) The kit was perfect for this purpose. The quality of the materials was amazing. I have had prior experience building a sauna from lumber I collected myself in lumber yards, and there’s simply no comparison. The boards are very high quality. Assuming you start with a “room” which is the correct size (which I did), the pre-cut lumber fits perfectly and installs quickly. All the necessary parts are included. Everything went flawlessly, from ordering to delivery to the quality of the delivered product. I am a very *picky* DIYer, and this com pleted sauna is a beauty. I appreciate the little things: I like that the manufacturer has moved the heater controls from the “front” of the heater to the side facing the door. In my old sauna, the controls were on the “front” side, which meant you had to bend down and around the heater to see/reach them. This heater has the controls on the side: Open the door and the controls are right there. What more can I say? The kit was flawless, and so was the service. I don’t anticipate buying another sauna kit (because I’ll take this sauna with me if I move), but if I did, I definitely would buy from The Sauna Place again.

Las Vegas, NV

The overall experience was excellent. From the first contact by phone, to the assistance in choosing the product i was looking for, the shipping and building everything went smoothly. My expectations for the sauna room itself were very high and I am very happy with the quality of the sauna. You guys do a great job!

Windham, NY

Just wanted to drop you a note telling you how much I am enjoying the sauna we ordered from you at the end of last year. The kit assembled easily and the end result was very lovely. I enjoy the sauna at least three times a week and am learning how to get the most enjoyment and benefit from it.

Thank you again for your product and your service.


Thank you for your QUALITY products. We purchased a pre-cut kit and were very pleased with the quality of the clear cedar boards, they arrived in excellent condition, all the other parts were in working order. We had one small issue with a light bulb of all things and it was replaced quickly and effortlessly. I would buy from you again. thank you.

Spokane, WA

It was great experience buying the sauna kit from sauna place. I haven’t been the best customer because it took me year and a half to make up my mind what set up I wanted for my sauna. Josh Baker was very patient, polite and helpful. Every time I asked him to change something in my set up, he would do it right away. Finally when I placed the order the kit came out even faster than was scheduled. All the items were in good condition on one pallet. After watching installation DVD supplied with the sauna kit installation was easy and enjoyable.

Thanks a lot Sauna Place, Great job!

Aurora, CO

I ordered the 4 x 6 outdoor prefab sauna and I am very please with it. The quality of material and equipment used is #1. You can tell there was a lot of time went into the design and engineering of the unit because everything went together very easily. I have already recommended this to others and will order another if we should move.

Indiana Hills, CO

After pricing saunas out locally, I went online to see what prices I could find. I was overwhelmed with the package deals and found it hard to understand the differences. After calling a few locations I came across The Sauna Place. After a few minutes the differences in the other companies pricing and materials were explained clearly to me. I was impressed by the knowledge of the staff and their prompt responses to my questions. I ended up purchasing a sauna through The Sauna Place and I am completely thrilled. I saved easily 15% from buying it locally, and explain to you the difference between other quotes given by others.


After years of looking at saunas and never finding the quality we hoped for, my husband surprised me December 2016 with The Wave/Goldstar 4500. Let me just say it has been the best investment ever. The assembly and implementation of the sauna from The Sauna Place has been seamless. The sauna has become an integral part of our wellness routine daily. The quality and craftsmanship is outstanding, and I sincerely look forward to sauna time every day. We even joke now that we need not vacation anywhere because the amenities at our home are beyond compare. Thank you!

Morris, IL

First Time Sauna Owners! We just purchased and installed a sauna heater from The Sauna Place for our new sauna! We’ve had had a top rated experience! Josh was extremely helpful, guiding use through what we needed to purchase and plus being so very helpful and prompt with returning our emails with (tons) of questions. We are enjoying our Sauna so much 🙂

Thank you for all your help and I would highly recommend your company! There are many company’s out there to choose from and I’m glad we chose you!

Stone Ridge, NY

I just wanted to thank the staff for your excellent customer service. I spent the spring building a sauna. I had a deadline to get it done, because I was having friends from Finland visiting. I made an order sauna rocks with Sauna Place, but you folks were having computer problems. However, after I expressed the urgency of my order, the staff acted quickly to expedite it out to me. I really appreciate your effort in getting those to me as quickly as you did, as that is what had completed my sauna, and it was finished just in time for the party.

Greensville, SC

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and the staff at The Sauna Place for the absolutely fantastic job you did for us in restoring and rebuilding our saunas here at the Putnam County Family YMCA. From start to finish, you were on-time with any schedule, detailed in all phases of construction, and you followed up whenever there was a need, question or issue with any part of the project.

Our members are still commenting on how good the new saunas look and operate. Quality of construction is evident the minute you enter the rooms. As you recall, these saunas had not been re-conditioned since they were built in 1993. Your crew took both of them and restored and remodeled them back to something comparable with high-end spas and resorts.

If any one of your potential clients has need for reassurances of your attention to detail, your commitment to doing the job above and beyond what is needed, or simply would like to see the quality of your work, please refer them to me. I would be more than happy to tell them all that you have done for us. Again, thank you all so much for the incredible job on our saunas. We highly, highly recommend Sauna Place to any and all who have need of quality work and professional service for their sauna or spa project.

As you are aware, the YMCA of Middle Tennessee is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit charitable organization that is committed to helping individuals and families in our community grow in spirit, mind, and body. The vision of the YMCA of Middle Tennessee is to offer Hope for Life to people of all ages, faiths, races, backgrounds, and abilities, regardless of their socio-economic circumstances. Through a wide range of outcome-based quality programs, services, partnerships, and collaborations, the YMCA offers hope throughout Middle Tennessee and southern Kentucky by Inspiring Youth, Improving Health, Creating Community, and Serving Others.

Ted McWilliams
Executive Director, Putnam County Family YMCA

Great!!!! Everything arrived today (both orders). I now can have my team install the sauna.

David Kinney
MBA, PMP, CSM, The SofTech Group

I bought my Thermosol unit from Sauna Place, absolutely the best service, info, politeness, professionalism and follow through that I have had in a long time. Tracy Murphree did a perfect job and kept me informed all along with my purchase and sent me all the relevant documents via email. I WOULD do business with these folks for every one on my sauna needs. In this day and age of poor service these people performed perfectly!! Thank You

Lakewood, CO

I purchased the Goldstar 1200 sauna for home use. Before I made the purchase, I did extensive research on the various sauna brands. Although I did not find much on Goldstar, after speaking with Josh from The Sauna Place, I had confidence about the overall quality of the sauna.

I ordered the sauna on a Thursday and received it on the following Wednesday. The sauna came in a very large wooden crate. The packaging of the sauna made it clear that the contents could not be damaged. When I unloaded the crate, I was struck by how heavy and solid each piece of felt. The assembly of the sauna was rather straightforward. It does help, however, to have someone that is knowledgeable in putting things together. I had the benefit of my father-in-law, who is a skilled tradesman.

Once we assembled the sauna, I called an electrician to wire it. The sauna instructions failed to clearly indicate the correct terminal for one of the components. Again, Josh was great in resolving that issue. Exactly eight days after ordering the sauna, I was enjoying it. I have now used the sauna everyday for over a week. I very impressed with its performance and the quality. I looked at other saunas that were twice as expensive, and none compared to the Goldstar 1200. I highly recommend the sauna and The Sauna Place.

Providence, RI

I want to extend my sincere appreciation for the extremely competent, technically knowledgeable and highly responsive assistance provided by Ms Tracy Murphree.

I recently experienced an overheating/temperature control problem with a recently purchased KV-45S Sauna Heater, and had planned to discuss this with a technical representative at the “Sauna Place” before ordering the correct replacement part. When I called your company, Ms Murphree answered my call. I then asked her to be connected with someone familiar with this model heater. She immediately offered to help diagnose the problem. I was a bit reluctant at first, but described the problem. It was readily apparent from her technical understanding of the various heater components and their discreet function that I could be confident she would be able to assist me in purchasing the correct replacement part(s).

Ms Murphree not only took the initiative to confirm her diagnosis with the manufacturer’s electrical specialist, but also coordinated for me to speak with him directly.
Throughout this entire process, she displayed a level of initiative, technical competence, and just good old fashioned customer care rarely seen in today’s retail/wholesale environment.

In short, she (and the Sauna Place) really made my day!

Thank you.

Greensburg, IN

First, I wanted to thank Tracy and everyone else who helped me in this journey. The entire experience was great and I was fully supported all the way!

A bit info on the project – I added a custom size sauna as part of refinishing the basement. The entire project took about 5 months. I started knowing little and Tracy and the team guided me through the entire process – planning, shipping, building, accessories, etc. As with any reasonable size project we had a few hiccups along the way, however Tracy and the team made the process easy and the entire experience was great – I cannot thank enough.

I would (and already have done so) highly recommend the saunaplace!

Misha Zelikov

I recently purchased an E-45 Sauna Heater from the Sauna Place. I am not only happy with the product, but VERY impressed with the customer service provided by Brian. Here’s my story:

My existing Home Sauna heater unit burned out – two of the heating elements corroded and failed. I contacted your organizaion via email to inquire about replacement heater elements for my unit. Brian responded and tried to help me select the proper replacement parts – although he took the time to explain and discuss the details of my (old) JM-30, I had a 110v unit and I was not certain that the parts would work properly…but Brian was very well informed and answered all of my questions in a very prompt and efficient manner.

After contacting as many other Sauna Heater Dealers as I could, I decided to NOT repair my old unit, but to purchase a completely new heater. I immediately returned to the SaunaPlace website and noticed a sale on the E-45 unit, so I contacted Brian again, and he, again, helped me make a decision on the proper application for my home sauna. He told me what to expect so far as shipping time, number of packages to expect, and explained in detail what my electrician would need to do: (i.e. specifics regarding wiring and breaker box connections.) I felt comfortable and assured that this was the right heater for my sauna. The E-45 is perfect and working great – thanks to Brian and the Sauna Place!

I am glad I decided to purchase my heater from your company. The service and attention provided by Brian is the type of service that is so hard to find these days. With many businesses, it often takes days or weeks to even get a reply. I contacted Brian via email and spoke with him on the phone many times, and each contact was efficient, kind, and informative. My experience with the Sauna Place was perfect, and Brian was so very helpful.

Thank you Brian, and thank you Sauna Place!

Massillon, Ohio


Chicago, IL

It was great to have our order arrive so much faster than what I had expected from an online source. The SaunaPlace.com website is nicely put together, very informative and easy to navigate. It seemed far better than some of the competition. Likewise, the product mix made it easy to select something that was a perfect fit for our needs; and your prices were better than competitive as well. I would happily recommend Sauna Place to do-it-yourself sauna-builders as well as professional contractors. Best of luck for continued success!

Ashland, OR

We ordered a Heritage Sauna kit. It arrived on schedule with every piece carefully wrapped and labelled as to what it was and where it went. All pre-drilled holes were correctly placed. When we had a question about something, Brian responded to our emails quickly and helpfully. Well built product, great customer service. Don’t know how we survived so long without a Sauna Place sauna!

Bill Heikkila

I purchased a Steam Room door from these folks. The door arrived quickly and was undamaged. The door is priced right and is no way to be considered as a inferior product. Quite the contrary, this door is nicer than doors that I was shopping for more than twice the cost. You can’t go wrong with this product. Highly recommended.

Joe Paciorkowski

I purchased the portable sauna; I liked that it was easy to set up or move, and runs on only 110v. It looks terrific and even with the 110v heater, it’s worked as advertised. I’m very happy with the purchase. If I ever upgrade, I’ll return to The Sauna Place.

As a first-time sauna owner, I had many questions before and after the sale, but Customer Service always got back to me quickly and helped me out. I had one problem during setup, and they were quick to take responsibility and make it right. I really appreciated that attitude; you don’t get that at most companies today.

Satelitte Beach, FL

Thank you. You have provided exceptional service and I appreciate it very much.

Scottsdale, AZ

Thank you for your excellent products and service! I purchased a pre-cut 6X8 kit with the Tylo sport-sense heater and am thrilled with the sauna and service the Sauna Place provided. The wood and pre-fabbed components arrived in excellent condition and the craftsmanship is outstanding. The advice on what to purchase was invaluable and we’re very pleased with the finishing touches.
I would buy from you again – thank you!

Maple Grove, MN

I just needed to send you a line to tell you how much I love the sauna room. (My wife and I are planning a sauna party for just the two of us.) The room went together really quickly. I did it all by myself. That shows some good planning and execution on the Sauna Place’s part. The cedar is just beautiful! I am so impressed with your quality. Please send a hearty thank you to the guys who actually put the room together. They’re attention to detail are why I’m so happy with the room.

P.S. I’ve been telling everyone about The Sauna Place.


Thank you Josh! You have been a patient and helpful source of information and products. We appreciate your willingness to answer all of our questions, many questions, and never got the sense that we were a bother or hassle. It is nice to talk with someone who is truly interested in making sure we get what we need rather than sell us items we don’t need. Great way to live and conduct business.


We purchased Goldstar 1500 6 x 4 corner sauna in the western red cedar wife & i love it. Assembled the unit in about day & half everything went great had one question during the assembly and called guys answered the question would highly recommend the Sauna Place to anyone. Great customer service.

Sebree, KY

Thank you, you guys are awesome – such a great customer service and quick product delivery I am so glad we found you on the Internet! The bucket already arrived – it is perfect! Thanks for staying on schedule, you guys are awesome!

Thank you so much for the great product! We really like the quality of wood, everything was cut perfectly, delivery was fast and packaging was great. The wood smells great and it is so soft and smooth.

Thank you again!

Corona, CA

I wanted to take a moment to send you a proper thank you for all your help/support last week regarding my home sauna. It has been quite sometime since anyone (in business) has gone out of their way to help me not to mention, above and beyond their job to provide insight/solutions. It meant so much to me and quite frankly lifted my spirits to know people as yourself still exist in this chaotic world that tries so hard to just get through the day and not bother with a helping hand. Not only did you assess my situation, but you went the distance by conferencing in other knowledgeable people in my area to come up with multiple solutions for my problem. (All of which brought no gain to you personally). I do hope that the Sauna Place knows how incredibly lucky they are to have someone as kind and thorough as yourself to be working for their company. I will forever be grateful for the time you took to help me and the sincerity in which it came. The Sauna Place is a top notch company and will come highly recommend by me always. Thanks again!


I needed to replace a very old sauna heater in an existing sauna. There were many issues involved regarding the electrical compatibility and determination of which new heater should be installed. Brian was fantastic in troubleshooting my issues and determining the specifications of my requirements. I highly recommend The Sauna Place for its high level of customer service and technical capabilities.

Edward Schick

The harvia 26 is a v8 wood fired heater. Though not necessary for my 5×8 sauna, I could have got the smaller model but love the efficiency and heat of the 26. I built my own sauna using a door and heater from saunaplace. I had many questions before purchasing and they were always happy to oblige.

Middletown, RI

Overall, excellent products and timely shipping to go along with responsive customer service. I recommend these guys – they obviously care about their business, products and customers.

Brooklyn, NY

I just wanted to send a quick e-mail to tell you how well the installation of the sauna went….The kit arrived in perfect condition due to its “bullet-proof” packaging…. Every board was cut just right and fit perfectly….from the on-set I had the issue with limited space for the door…I opted to purchase the smaller sized door (height 65” and width 20 “)…..by building steps totaling 8” high I was able to raise the header of the door to eliminate head ducking during entry of the sauna….the sauna is functionally and aesthetically perfect …Thank you for all your help ……We are very happy.


Overall, I could not be happier with my choice to go with the Sauna Place. I wish the team the best and I firmly believe if they provide this level of service to every one of their clients, success will come naturally. They certainly have my recommendation when anyone asks me for a provider.

Northbrook, IL

My husband and I love our new sauna. It is wonderful to use after exercising to sooth sore muscles. Assembly was not difficult and we had an electrician do the wiring. The wood is beautiful and looks wonderful in our exercise room. Our sales associate Tracy was a pleasure to work with. I would definitely recommend The Sauna Place! Thank you!

Commerce Township, MI

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