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**NOTE: Driver will require assistance removing packages from  the truck. If assistance is not available a Liftgate must be used, which is an additional cost. Delivery is to Dock or Curbside only. 

**NOTE:  Please check for any damage upon delivery and note any such damage and or shortages on delivery receipt BEFORE the driver leaves.  If boxes are in bad shape, or have any damage, please write that on the bill in case there is any concealed damage found later.  You must report damage within 3 days to the truckline.  Call The Sauna Place with any questions you may have.

Freight Delivery: Freight is delivered by Common Carrier to you, the consignee, at your business or home. Freight charges are figured from dock to dock or in residential deliveries to a curbside. Deliveries are made by a single driver usually in a tractor pulling a 28′ trailer. If the tractor and trailer are not able to make it to your business or residence due to weight restrictions, low hanging trees, narrow driveways or any other reason that is not the fault of the truck line, it is the responsibility of the Consignee to make arrangements to receive the shipment at a location agreed upon by the truck line and the Consignee or to pick up the freight at the local terminal.

It is required that an adult be on hand to sign the delivery receipt and note any exceptions as indicated below. Any additional services requested by the consignee at the time of delivery are the responsibility of the consignee and not The Sauna Place. These additional services include, but are not limited to: (1) Inside delivery, (2) lift gate delivery (which is not required due to the fact that the skids break down into individual boxes that can be unloaded by hand), (3)call before delivery, 24 hour notice, or appointments, and (4) Change of Delivery Address.

It is the responsibility of the consignee to inform The Sauna Place of any problems that might occur prior to delivery. Freight charges are only figured by zip code and it is not possible for The Sauna Place to anticipate delivery problems without the assistance of the consignee.

Prevent Claim Disputes: There are two types of freight claims that may occur, Visible Loss or Damage and Concealed Loss or damage.

VISIBLE LOSS OR DAMAGE: Any external evidence of loss or damage that occurred during transit is considered visible loss or damage and must be noted on the bill of lading and signed by the carrier’s agent (driver). Failure to adequately describe the visible loss or damage could result in the carrier delaying or refusing to honor the freight claim.

CONCEALED LOSS OR DAMAGE: Any damage that occurred during transit that was not visible at the time of delivery is considered concealed loss or damage. Due to rough handling in transit it is possible to damage the contents of a container without damaging the container. If such a situation occurs it is important to contact The Sauna Place immediately for instructions as to how to handle the claim. If a claim is to be filed it is important to save the container that the damaged merchandise arrived in.

When receiving your shipment it is important to do the following:

  1. Count all pieces of your freight. Even if your shipment arrived on a pallet there should be a piece count on the bill. Ensure that all pieces are accounted for.
  1. Check shipment for any visible damage to containers. If the boxes are dented, crushed, scratched, punctured, or cut it is very important to mark this on the bill of lading. If there is a possibility of damage it may be necessary to open the box and mark the actual damage on the bill of lading. It is important to be specific.

Boxes that have been dropped may not show obvious signs of external damage, so it is a good idea to check the heater and door boxes very carefully. You may want to open these boxes before the driver leaves to ensure that the contents do not have concealed damage. (It is the drivers right to not allow any boxes to be opened prior to signing for and accepting the shipment.)

Refusing a freight shipment: If the shipment is damaged and unusable, it may be necessary to refuse part or all of the order. Call The Sauna Place before refusing any shipment. Call The Sauna Place within 3 days of receipt of damaged goods. We will assist in filing a freight claim if the carrier is our normal in house carrier. If the carrier was chosen by the consignee then it will be the responsibility of the consignee to file such a claim.

Note:  Should a shipment arrive with damages caused by the carrier, the carrier will return the merchandise “Dead Head” at no cost to either party. Do not attempt to return a damaged shipment (or any shipment) back to The Sauna Place without prior authorization.

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