4 Tips to Maximize the Benefits of a Sauna


According to a market study released by Technovia in 2016, the global spa industry is expected to exceed 130 billion dollars by 2020, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 8.7% during the forecast period. Needless to say, the spa business can be highly profitable given the huge demand for saunas, swimming pools and steam rooms among the growing middle class demographic, who generally have higher disposable incomes.

Golden Coast published that 2015 was “an extremely good year,” with an emphasis on saunas used for relaxation and well-being, growing by almost 50%. This increased demand is benefiting consumers, as saunas are now much more readily available AND affordable. One of the largest growing segments in the sauna industry is the home sauna. Availability and affordability have made adding the amenity of a sauna to your home a much easier process. Residential steam showers have also become quite popular thanks to more user-friendly and affordable options. Performance showers have become one of the latest trends in homes. Steam goes hand-in-hand with this, and is easily added as an option, especially when a shower is being newly constructed. When finished, you simply step in the shower, press a button and wa-lah you have steam! When you are finished, simply turn your normal shower on and take a shower!

Here are few steps you should follow to gain added benefits from saunas:

4 Ways to Maximize the Benefits of a Sauna

1. Hydrate

Drink at least 16-20 ounces of water prior to a traditional or infrared sauna session. You lose this water while perspiring. Avoid sugary drinks, sodas and coffee if possible. Instead try a more healthy option like coconut water, which is loaded with electrolytes. Hydration before a steam session is equally important, since the bather will see roughly a 2%drop in bodily fluids during an average session. This can also result in other negative side-effects such as fatigue, says an expert at Sauna Place.

2. Scrub Your Skin

Saunas are extremely beneficial, since they help you get rid of the toxins present in the body through sweat. But when you sit in a sauna, brush yourself lightly, especially on your belly, legs, back and arms. Doing this will stimulate your pores, so that more pores open, while boosting the blood circulation in your body. A bath brush works great, or even a sauna whisk (which is a traditional method using a bundle of small branches, usually Birch or Oak that you lightly slap your back arms and legs with while in the sauna). Whatever method you chose, these methods will help you to rid your body of toxins while you sweat.

3. Stay in the Sauna until you feel tired

According to an article published by Mercola, staying in the sauna until you feel tired increases norepinephrine levels, critical for focus and attention, by up to 3-fold,while also raising prolactin levels, which are involved in the process of myelination, required for the proper functioning of the nervous system, by up to 10-fold. In addition, hyperthermic conditioning, which means acclimating yourself to heat, independent of aerobic physical activity, through sauna use, works to boost your endurance,as it induces adaptations in your body to elevated temperatures.

4. Take a Cold Bath After the Session

After you leave the sauna, take a shower in cold water to wash off any dirt and toxins present on the surface of your skin. Cold water works to close your pores back up, which had been opened during the sauna session. The cold shower also helps blood being pulled back to the core organs, required for their functioning. To increase the benefits from a sauna, it is also highly-recommended that you increase the number of shower sessions, alternating back and forth from the sauna to the shower. This is great for building-up your immune system.

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