If we could just get back to our childhood years.  For most of us that period of our lives meant nothing but pleasure and joy around the holidays.  It was only after we became “responsible adults” that the stress of the holidays become our new reality.  How did we let that happen?  Now is it Grandpa Lou who has the peanut allergy?  If that sweater fits your Mother it will be a miracle!  Should we send regular Christmas cards this year, or the ones with a family photo?  Has anyone seen the dog?  He and the fruitcake went missing over an hour ago!

Here’s a small piece of advice.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  It’s easy to let insignificant details and over-preparation ruin the holidays.  Remember that our fondest memories are those of time spent with cherished friends and family.  Sure a good meal and a thoughtful gift are nice, but they pale in comparison to spending quality time with the ones we love.  Many of our friends and family only come around once a year if we’re lucky, so it’s important not to get distracted with the insignificant things that don’t matter.

Finally, we would not be doing our jobs if we did not mention that saunas and steam showers make excellent gifts.  It is also our professional opinion that they make great gifts to “gift” yourself. And while we are on the subject of stress, it is important to understand that the use of saunas and steam showers has been proven to greatly reduce stress.  Regular use also promotes deeper, sounder sleep. THIS my friend will help you to cope with your Cousin Eddie, who’s once-a-year visit is still entirely too much.



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