Have you tried Hot Yoga?


Have you ever wanted to have your own Hot Yoga Sauna? If the answer is yes, then let The Sauna Place help you create your own Hot Yoga Room. With all the benefits of Yoga added to the many benefits of the Sauna, it is a great way to improve your health, body, and mind.  So, how can you maximize the experience of hot yoga? The answer is simple -with a sauna room!

The focus of hot yoga is to relax the muscles more, by detoxing the body by sweating. Using a traditional sauna room allows you to intensify these benefits. You can create the ultimate Hot Yoga sauna experience by making sure a few things are in order:

Make sure the size of your sauna room works for your needs. You want plenty of room to move-around as needed. Ensure that the temperature inside of your sauna is between 105 °F – 110°F for optimal performance, and that you keep the humidity around 40 percent.  Because the temperature drastically varies based on your height in the sauna, the lower bench often offers the ideal Hot Yoga temperature.

Hot Yoga can improve your health in many ways.  The Sauna Place has researched the subject, and these are just some of the numerous benefits that can be found by using your sauna room for Hot Yoga:

-Improved flexibility
-Improvement of your breathing by creating a larger lung capacity
-A session is equivalent to a cardio workout
-It increases sweat production
-It increases mental focus
-Hot Yoga also reduces the symptoms of diabetes, asthma, high blood
pressure, depression, arthritis, and circulation

There are many positives to be gained from creating the perfect hot yoga sauna in your home. Be sure to consult your doctor before practicing any type of Hot Yoga, or enjoying your Sauna.

Want to discuss designs or get more information? Give The Sauna Place a call today!

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