Built-in Controls vs Wall Controls

In browsing through the different sauna heater models on our site, you’ll note that there are primarily two heaters -those with built-in controls and then those with wall-mount controls.  Deciding which option is best for you depends on what your primary objectives are. 

Built-in Controls

Here are some of the benefits of heaters with built-in controls:

Easier to wire up.  Sauna Heaters with built-in controls are hardwired, directly from your breaker panel to your heater.  This means spending less quality time with your expensive electrician who is installing it!

Convenient control location. The controls are in the room with you.  If you hear your timer turn off, you can simply reach down and turn it back on.  If you want to increase or decrease the heat setting, you can do that as well. It’s important to note that if you don’t like bending over to turn your heater on, we also offer models with topside controls for easier access.

Less Expensive. Sauna Heaters with built-in controls are generally hundreds of dollars less expensive than their counterparts with wall controllers.

Best for outdoor saunas.  Built-in control models are generally the best fit for outdoor saunas.  The controls are located inside and out of the weather. It’s important to note that larger saunas may not have the option of heaters with built-in controls. Heater models over 9 kw’s generally only offer a wall control option.  Consult with one of our sauna experts who can assist you with sizing.

Harvia Xenio Digital Control

Wall Controls

Here are some of the benefits of sauna heaters with wall-mounted controls:

Preheat convenience. Most wall controllers are designed to be located outside of the sauna, normally adjacent to the door. They offer the bather the convenience of turning the sauna on to preheat it without having to go inside. 

More Functions. Heaters with wall controllers generally offer features not found with built-in control models, such as longer preset functions, ability to turn on accessory items like lights, WiFi abilities which allow you to download and app and turn your sauna on with your smart device.

More Upscale. If you are designing an upscale space, many feel that a wall control model has a sleeker and more modern appearance.

Less noise.  All sauna heaters require timers and relays to run.  While some enjoy the ticking of a timer, and even find it relaxing, others do not.  Wall control models give you more flexibility to plan where these components will go.  Of course every install has its own set of logistics.

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