Sauna for Heart Health: How Does it Work?


A new study by researchers at the University of Eastern Finland reveals that there can be a reduction in the risk for cardiovascular diseases, such as stroke or heart attack, in people who go for regular sauna sessions, says an article on Healthline.

This proves that the benefits of a sauna for your body exceed just the detoxification of the skin and the body. Infrared dry saunas have been found to be effective in improving vascular and heart health in both people diagnosed with heart disease and those who are free of cardiovascular problems.

Here’s a look at some of the ways in which sauna therapy can help improve heart health.

Improves Arterial Health

The lining of our arteries is formed by a single layer, known as the endothelium. The cells of this layer act as a barrier for blood cells and also produce several compounds that help the arteries resist blood clots, constriction and prevent development of plaque. Sauna therapy has proven to improve the performance of these cells, along with aiding blood flow.

Decreases Inflammation

Another term given to this is to lower the “fire” in the body. When you eat junk or processed foods, or are overweight, your blood contains molecules that cause inflammation and lead to the activation of destructive processes. A few weeks of sauna therapy has been found to be successful in decreasing the level of these harmful molecules. Also, using an infrared sauna means that you can extend your session for a longer duration, since there is less heat in the air as compared to conventional saunas, says an article by The Sauna Place.

Helps to Improve Stamina

A healthy heart means you can exercise for a longer period of time. Due to a healthier layer of cells in the endothelium and decreased inflammation, you can improve your ability to walk and exercise in a better way. Improved stamina can help not just in your fitness goals but also in your sex life.

Helps Save and Extend Life

A study of 129 patients with severe heart problems revealed that those who were treated with sauna therapy, twice a week, fared much better than those who were not exposed to such therapy at all, says an article on Mindbodygreen. The rate of death and rehospitalization dropped 50% in the sauna therapy group, the study results went on to say.

This shows that sauna heat can help in improving the health of heart patients to a significant extent. The benefits of sauna therapy in cardiovascular health have still not been recognized by a majority of the people. Expensive therapies have overshadowed the merits of sauna as a beneficial way of staying fit. Given how easy it is to get a sauna installed at home with pre-built kits, there is no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of this beneficial therapy.

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