Skin Infections: Here’s How Sauna Can Help


A less-talked-about complication from COVID is skin conditions like itchy rash and tiny lumps. The coronavirus can trigger urticaria, viral exanthem, purpura and pityriasis rosea. These can last for weeks and might require medical interventions like steroid creams and ointments. Skin diseases are otherwise common in the US as well. Acne, dermatitis and eczema affect one in three Americans at any given time. But besides medicated products, a cost-friendly, simple and effective way to keep your skin in good shape and avoid infections is an infrared sauna.

It is necessary to take care of the largest organ in your body. This is because besides physical wellness, a great skin improves feelings of self-worth and confidence. In an observational study, skin disease was known to contribute 1.79% to the global burden of disease measured in disability-adjusted life years. So, it is a good idea to start right away. Here’s why you may consider a sauna bathing.

Sauna Skin Benefits

Heat energy emitted from the sauna works on two major aspects of your skin health: circulation and detoxification. These have anti-aging and anti-inflammation properties that are highly beneficial for a radiant, glowing and healthy skin structure. Infrared sauna can address multiple underlying chronic conditions and purify the outer membrane to ensure smooth skin free of irritations. The texture improves as well, which betters the overall appearance.

Sweat plays a role in removing lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic from your body which is a long-recommended detoxification treatment in medicine. This can boost liver wellness and subsequently keep liver diseases from manifesting on the skin. You are less prone to itches, scarring, sun sensitivity, scarring and irregularly shaped spots. So, having a set-up at home is a good way to prevent adding on to your COVID discomforts. Sauna users are more likely to experience youthful, plump and revitalized skin.

How Does Infrared Sauna Work?

The heat from the infrared sauna penetrates deep inside the tissues and blood cells. This helps flush out toxins and deliver O2 and nutrients to the epidermis. It keeps your skin firm and free of wrinkles and fine lines. A balance between three proteins (collagen, keratin and elastin) keeps your skin fit. There are lesser chances of infection triggers amid the corona pandemic. The risks of existing skin conditions exacerbating are also low.

Further, the infrared light removes dead skin cells, opens clogged skin pores, removes cellulite and manages skin flares and breakouts. In fact, a sauna session for 15-20 minutes daily can alleviate stress to a great extent and eliminate the odds of oily skin and pimples. It can also keep hives and other conditions like psoriasis from worsening.

It is crucial to know that a sauna is not parallel to medicines. Make sure to combine your sessions with a rich diet, exercises, sleep and dermatologist visits to keep the skin in pristine condition. Further, avoid saunas if you are COVID positive since it can increase your skin temperature and intensify the fever.

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