It starts with an idea. Adding a sauna or steam shower to your home.


It’s possible that you have enjoyed a sauna or steam shower in recent years at your local fitness center, or maybe you have been fortunate enough to use a sauna or steam shower as part of a package while vacationing at a resort, even aboard a cruise ship.  You’ve considered adding one or both in your home in the past, but the “how-to” questions abound.  As with life, things often seem more complicated on the surface than they actually are.  The more difficult we perceive something to be, the more we procrastinate about acting on it.

The thought of adding a sauna or steam shower to your home may seem daunting, but in reality the process is quite simple.  With a small amount of planning you can transform your home into your favorite spa.  Saunas and steam showers are not only amenities for your home that will enhance its value, but they also are also quite enjoyable and the health benefits are too numerous to list.  Questions are a normal part of the process, and we are really good at helping you to answer them.  It is also good to seek advice from your local contractor, plumber or electrician.  With a little planning, you can soon be enjoying the sauna or steam shower you’ve envisioned for years.

We are happy to look at your pictures or simplified drawings.   After figuring-out what’s important to you, we will promptly give you a competitive quote on the sauna or steam shower package that you desire.  It all starts with an idea.  Where you take it from there is up to you!

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