Up until about fifteen years ago, builders were a lot more one-dimensional about the showers they built in homes.  Consumers seemed satisfied with little more than hot and cold water, and occasionally a garden tub or jetted-tub would be added adjacent to the shower.  Times have changed, and the advent of the “performance shower” has dawned.  Today’s performance showers offer amenities such as steam, multiple shower jets, aromatherapy, music and chromatherapy (mood-lighting).  Contractors have learned that today’s home-buyer expects these luxuries in their showers, most notably, steam.  These luxuries are becoming the standard in certain price-ranges of homes.

The most popular of these amenities is the steam shower, and Mr. Steam is one of the industry leaders.  Mr. Steam got started around the year 1917, where the founder Arthur Sussman developed steam irons for the garment industry.

From those early days until today, Mr. Steam has taken that steam boiler technology and transformed it into a beautiful line of modern steam showers.

Except in cases where a consumer purchases a fully-enclosed steam shower unit, today’s steam shower simply “outfits” your normal shower.  Of course, the shower needs to be designed or redesigned to incorporate steam, but all you actually see in a residential steam shower is a steam head and a control pad.  It is a good idea to incorporate a bench into a steam shower.  If you don’t have room, Mr. Steam offers a fold-down Teak Bench that mounts to the wall.  The steam generator conveniently tucks-away under the shower bench, or in a closet or attic space away from the shower. The small control pad simply mounts to the wall, and the steam-head comes out close to the shower floor.  That gives the homeowner the option of taking a normal shower, or enjoying a relaxing steam shower.

Mr. Steam cleverly designed their steam head with a place to add a few drops of aromatherapy fragrance.  Whether your preference is Eucalyptus, Lavender, Mint or other, you have the flexibility to easily create fragrance steam.  Mr. Steam offers a number of different fragrances, and each is said to invoke a different feeling or mood.

Another upgrade for your steam shower is a chromatherapy light.  Like the aromatherapy fragrances, different-colored lights evoke different moods.  The steam in a steam shower refracts the light creating a unique effect.  Steam showers can be as diverse as their owners, and Mr. Steam gives you numerous options.  One final option is in-shower speaks, which allows to pipe-in your favorite tunes while you relax.  To make things better, you can interface your steam shower with your home automation system.

Mr. Steam is as notable for it’s commercial steam showers, as its residential line.  They are most specified by architects and engineers for commercial steam rooms such as those found in hotels, resorts, gyms and spas.  These steam boilers are capable of piping steam into large steam rooms 24 hours a day where necessary.  They also have an optional aroma pump, creating a luxurious fragrance-filled steam experience.

If you are looking for a top-quality steam shower with sleek modern design, Mr. Steam is the brand for you.  Just contact the steam shower experts at The Sauna Place at: 877-525-3504, and let us find the Mr. Steam products best suited to your needs!

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