Okay, so, you’ve wanted your own sauna for a number of years.  Unfortunately, it has become lost in the sizable list of your other home-improvement projects that have never taken flight. For years you have been content with using the mostly clean and seldom private sauna at your local YMCA. But, over the holidays, somewhere between your aunt’s Green Bean Casserole and your mom’s famous Pumpkin Pie (with fresh whipped- cream and that extra touch of Nutmeg), you came to the conclusion that the time is finally right to purchase your own personal home sauna.  Now you’re finally ready to take things to the next level.

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What’s next?  There are a several things to consider.  The first of these is the type of sauna you choose.   Much has to do with the space you have to work with and what your primary objectives are.  Basically, there are three different types of saunas.  The first type is a portable sauna.  A portable sauna is generally smaller and designed for one or two users.  It is made to assemble and disassemble with little difficulty and for ease of mobility.  Portable saunas are often 110v plug-in, and are ideal for apartments and small spaces.

The second type is a pre-built sauna.  Pre-built saunas can be purchased in any size you want.  This type of sauna consists of pre-built wall panels and benching, made to assemble in a matter of hours instead of days.  Like a portable sauna, a pre-built sauna can be disassembled and moved.  Although you have more latitude with the size and bather capacity, there is a little more involved with disassembling and reassembling this type of sauna as compared with a sauna that is fully portable.

One of the primary advantageswith the pre-built sauna is that there are no walls to build.  You also have the ability to move your sauna if you need to.  Unlike a portable sauna, a pre-built does require an electrician, as most saunas of this type are wired 220 volt single phase, or 208 volt three phase.

The last type of sauna is a pre-cut sauna kit.  This sauna kit is a permanent sauna installation.  It is also the most affordable and widely-purchased, but it does require more “sweat” and time to install, normally 1-3 days.

With a sauna kit you have the greatest flexibility to locate your sauna almost anywhere.  It’s essentially a cedar-lined closet that you frame and insulate yourself.  A good pre-cut sauna includes a pre-hung door, pre-built benching and pre-cut wall boards, eliminating much of the installation time involved.   Unlike portable and pre-built saunas, a pre-cut sauna kit is considered a permanent installation.

If you’re still unsure, be sure and consult with one of our sauna experts and The Sauna Place, who would be happy to assist you!

In our next post we will help you choose the right size and location for your home sauna.

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