Almost Heaven Legend Dual-Temperature-Tub

Almost Heaven Legend Dual-Temperature-Tub


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Introducing the Almost Heaven Legend Dual-Temperature Tub – a versatile, eco-friendly solution for both hot soaks and cold plunges. This tub is perfect for those seeking a natural way to relax muscles, relieve stress, or cool down after a sauna. Operating without electricity or gas, it offers a sustainable and cost-effective spa experience. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a regular wellness routine, the Harvia Legend Tub is your ideal companion.


  1. Dual-Temperature Use: Enjoy cold plunges for invigoration or hot soaks for relaxation.
  2. Eco-Friendly Operation: Functions without electricity or gas, using a wood-fired heating system.
  3. No Complex Systems: Free from pumps, wiring, or filtration systems, ensuring easy maintenance.
  4. Rapid Heating Mechanism: Quick heating with a unique water circulation system for immediate use.
  5. All-Weather Design: Suitable for use in any climate, with efficient drainage for easy winterizing.
  6. Ready-to-Use Assembly: Arrives fully assembled, just attach the heater and chimney for immediate enjoyment.
  7. Safety and Convenience: Includes insulated cover and exterior access stairs for enhanced safety and comfort.

Technical Specifications:

  • Usage: Suitable for both hot and cold water applications.
  • Heating: Wood-fired, with efficient heat circulation.
  • Assembly: Fully assembled with easy heater and chimney installation.
  • Accessories: Insulated cover, exterior stairs.

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