Almost Heaven Sindri 2-Person Hot Tub

Almost Heaven Sindri 2-Person Hot Tub

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The Sindri Hot Tub by Almost Heaven is the pinnacle of versatility and natural relaxation. Designed for both cooling plunges after a sauna session and soothing hot water soaks to relieve stress, the Sindri offers a seamless transition between temperatures without the need for electricity, pumps, or filtration systems. Experience the simplicity of heating water through a wood-fired fire box, engaging in a natural circulation process that heats your water efficiently. Included with the tub are essential accessories like a cover and step, enhancing your hot tub experience.



  • Eco-Friendly Operation: No electricity or gas needed, powered by a wood-fired heater for an environmentally friendly hot soaking experience.
  • Complete Set: Comes with a hot tub cover to retain heat and cleanliness, and a step for easy access.
  • Efficient Heating: Innovative design circulates water through the fire box, warming it up in just a couple of hours.
  • Versatile Temperature Range: Perfect for both cold plunges to cool down and hot soaks to relax muscles and ease stress.



  • Model: AHSINDRI2P
  • Water Capacity: 615 liters, accommodating up to 2 people.
  • Dimensions: Shipping – Length: 68″, Width: 32″, Height: 45″.
  • Weight: Shipping weight is 200 lbs.

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