Almost Heaven Vision Series Titan


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Step into the Titan 6-Person Grand Multi-Level Sauna for a luxurious spa experience right at home. This expansive sauna accommodates up to six individuals, making it perfect for larger families or social gatherings. Constructed with your choice of hemfir or rustic cedar, the Titan provides both aesthetic appeal and durability. It features three strategically placed benches, including an “L” shaped bench, to optimize space and comfort. Equipped with an 8kW heater, the sauna quickly reaches and maintains a consistent temperature, enveloping users in comforting warmth.



  • Extra-spacious Interior: Ample room with three benches, ensuring comfort for up to six users.
  • Advanced Heating: A powerful 8kW wall-mounted heater efficiently heats the sauna, creating a perfect relaxation environment.
  • Diverse Seating Arrangement: Includes two long benches and an additional “L” shaped bench for flexible seating options.
  • High-Quality Materials: Choose between hemfir and rustic cedar for longevity and natural beauty.
  • Customizable Heater Options: Heater upgrades like KIPW, Spirit, Virta, and Cilindro are available.
  • Electrical Safety: Designed with a 240V requirement and a dedicated 40-amp breaker.
  • Enhanced Customization: Capability to upgrade to the e-bench brown for improved aesthetics and comfort.



  • Model: Titan
  • Capacity: 6 person
  • Exterior Dimensions: 83-1/4″W x 72-1/4″D x 79-3/8″H
  • Interior Dimensions: 79-3/4″W × 68-3/4″D x 77-3/8″H
  • Number of Benches: 3
    • Upper Bench Dimensions: 78″L x 24″W x 37-3/8″H
    • Lower Bench Dimensions: 78″L x 24″W x 22-7/8″H
    • “L” Bench Dimensions: 42-718″L x 24″W x 37-3/8″H
  • Lumber Options: Hemfir or Rustic Cedar
  • Standard Heater: 8kW, Wall-mounted
  • Electrical Requirements: 240V, 40 amp dedicated breaker, 10/2 wire
  • Heater Upgrades: Available in KIPW, Spirit, Virta, Cilindro


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Options & Features

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    The sauna comes with a standard heater, but upgrade options are available.

    Optional Heater Upgrade