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Immerse yourself in the ultimate outdoor relaxation experience with the Auroom Natura Wellness Suite, a luxurious combination of the Natura Sauna Cabin and Natura Lounge. Designed for up to 5 persons, this outdoor modular suite seamlessly integrates the healing powers of sauna bathing with the tranquil beauty of nature.

Natura Sauna Cabin Overview:

The Auroom Natura Sauna Cabin is a masterpiece of outdoor relaxation, designed to blend the serenity of nature with impeccable craftsmanship. This partially assembled cabin boasts a unique terrace, allowing for private enjoyment of the surrounding landscape before delving into a warm and inviting sauna experience. Constructed to withstand severe weather conditions, the Natura Sauna Cabin provides a durable, safe, and elegant space for rejuvenation.

Natura Lounge Cabin Overview:

The Natura Lounge, designed as the perfect companion to the Sauna Cabin, offers a space to gather, relax, and transition into the sauna, all while being immersed in nature. Matching the sauna cabin’s aesthetic and durability, the lounge extends the wellness experience with its spacious and inviting design.



  •  Natura Sauna Cabin:
    • Durable Exterior: Black, thermally modified and brushed Nordic spruce with UV protection for longevity.
    • Luxurious Interior: Horizontal Thermo-Aspen panels for a warm, elegant atmosphere.
    • Seamless Integration: Large front window and terrace for a natural transition between indoor comfort and outdoor beauty.
  • Natura Lounge Cabin:
    • Harmonious Design: Matches the Natura Sauna Cabin for a cohesive outdoor wellness suite.
    • View of Nature: Expansive triple-glazed tempered picture window for uninterrupted nature views.
    • Comfort and Style: Warm Thermo-Aspen interior and sleek, UV-protected exterior for ultimate relaxation.
    • Versatile Placement: Ideal for various outdoor settings, ensuring a seamless blend with your landscape.



  • Natura Sauna Cabin:
    • Model: NATURA
    • SKU: NATSA-138X138-L
    • Capacity: Up to 5 persons
    • Exterior Finish: Black Thermo-Spruce, UV-protected for longevity
    • Interior Finish: Thermo-Aspen, chosen for its warmth and aesthetic appeal
    • Exterior Dimensions: 138″ Width x 138″ Depth x 111″ Height
    • Interior Cladding: Horizontal Rombto profile Thermo-Aspen panels, 27x90mm
    • Glass Door: 8mm tempered clear glass, with stainless steel hinges and a wood-metal handle. Available with left or right hinge options.
    • Roof: Waterproof material, engineered for outdoor durability and heavy snow load
    • Additional Features:
      • Black, thermally modified, and brushed Nordic spruce exterior cladding (C26 profile 19×141 mm)
      • Sleek black rain gutter system
      • LED Strip lighting behind the backrest for ambient illumination
      • Fully insulated for optimal thermal efficiency
  • Natura Lounge Cabin:
    • Model: NATURA Lounge
    • SKU: NATLO-138X138-L
    • Compatible With: Natura Sauna Cabin for a comprehensive wellness suite
    • Exterior Finish: Black Thermo-Spruce with UV protection
    • Interior Finish: Thermo-Aspen, promoting an eco-friendly and durable interior
    • Dimensions: 138″ Width x 138″ Depth x 111″ Height, mirroring the sauna cabin for seamless integration
    • Terrace Window: Triple glazed tempered selective glass for expansive nature views
    • Exterior Door: Wooden with a brown finish, UV protection, and lock, providing security and aesthetic consistency
    • Lighting: Indirect LED lighting for a warm, inviting ambiance
    • Floor Type: Duckboard, for classic sauna aesthetics and functionality
    • Roof: Waterproof and weather-resistant, suitable for all climates
    • Drainage System: Integrated into the sauna floor for easy cleaning and maintenance
    • Optional Door Configurations: Left or right-handed door options to suit various layouts and preferences


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