Cedar Air Vent Grill (5” x 11 1/2”)

Cedar Air Vent Grill (5” x 11 1/2”)


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This cedar air ventilation grill is the perfect item to install in your sauna for helping introduce fresh air. We strive for 100% Customer Satisfaction at The Sauna Place!

*Venting is not required for any safety reasons but it does make the Sauna atmosphere more comfortable. We always supply vents for all of our Sauna packages. A vent is really just a hole in the wall leading from the Sauna to some other adjoining room in the house. It’s best to have a lower (intake) vent and an upper (exhaust) vent in a Sauna to provide for good air circulation. The lower vent brings air in for a comfortable atmosphere, and the upper vent dispels used air. The lower vent should be placed about 4″ from the floor, close to the Sauna heater if possible, to allow cooler air to flow through the heater and enable it to function more efficiently. The upper vent can be anywhere; it can be as low as 24″ from the floor but usually it is placed about 6″ from the ceiling level (It may even be placed in the Sauna ceiling if no other place is convenient). In most cases ductwork for the vents is not necessary. The Sauna usually vents to air from inside the house. You may vent to outside air if you desire, but heat up time may take a little longer due to the draw of cooler outside air. When both vents are open, air changes 4 to 6 times per hour. For faster heating, the upper vent may be closed when the Sauna is heating

5” x 11 1/2”

Sauna Vent Installation Instructions