Dundalk Pure Cube PU550 Indoor Saunas – CALL FOR PRICING

Dundalk Pure Cube PU550 Indoor Saunas – CALL FOR PRICING


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The Pure Cube PU550 Indoor Sauna combines style and functionality to enhance any indoor space. Featuring a large window panel beside a full glass door, this model provides a spacious feel with a touch of modernity. Crafted from Clear Western Red Cedar sourced sustainably from Canadian forests, it emphasizes both quality and environmental consciousness. Designed for easy installation with pre-built panels and benches, the PU550 is ideal for couples or small families, offering a cozy and inviting sauna experience.



  • Attractive Design: Features a stylish structure with a large glass window and door, enhancing the visual openness and aesthetic of any room.
  • Quality Materials: Constructed from sustainably harvested Canadian Clear Western Red Cedar, ensuring durability and a pleasant aroma.
  • Comfortable Seating: Equipped with fully enclosed two-tier benches, designed with rounded front corners for additional comfort.
  • Enhanced Visibility and Safety: Includes a 10mm bronze tempered glass sauna door and double 5mm bronze tempered glass windows.
  • Customizable Features: Offers optional semi-privacy panels and a range of accessories like cedar shelves, sauna lights, and aromatherapy options.



  • Material: Clear Western Red Cedar
  • Glass Specifications: 10mm bronze tempered glass door; double 5mm bronze tempered windows
  • Bench Design: Two-tier, fully enclosed with rounded corners
  • Dimensions: Standard size suitable for indoor use
  • Heater Type: Available with multiple heater options including Sakku Electric and Harvia KIP Electric
  • Installation: Easy assembly with wall and roof panels; prebuilt benches and floor
  • Capacity: Comfortably accommodates up to 2 adults
  • Warranty: 5-year warranty covering materials and workmanship under normal residential use


Resources:           PU550:PU552 Product Drawing           Assembly Instructions


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