EmotionWood Hexagon Abachi Yakisugi

EmotionWood Hexagon Abachi Yakisugi


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Discover the sophisticated charm of EmotionWood Hexagon Abachi Yakisugi decorative sauna wall panels. Crafted with a keen eye for both tradition and innovation, these panels feature the timeless beauty of Abachi wood treated with the Yakisugi technique, renowned for its durability and distinct appearance. Designed to enhance the ambiance of saunas, homes, or offices, the hexagonal pattern offers a modern twist on natural wood aesthetics. Sustainably sourced and meticulously crafted, each panel is a testament to quality and environmental responsibility. With easy installation and a minimalist design, these panels are the perfect addition to any interior seeking elegance and a touch of nature.



  • Unique Geometric Design: The hexagon shape adds a contemporary look, transforming any room with its geometric elegance.
  • Abachi Yakisugi Material: Utilizing the Yakisugi technique on Abachi wood for enhanced durability and a unique, natural finish.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for sauna interiors, feature walls, or any room in need of a modern, natural accent.
  • Eco-Friendly: Sustainably sourced wood, ensuring an environmentally responsible choice for your decor.
  • Easy to Install: Mounted on 6mm moisture-repellant plywood for quick and hassle-free installation.
  • Quality Inspection: Every panel is inspected to guarantee the highest standards of quality and durability.
  • Interior Use: Specifically designed for indoor environments, offering versatility in application.
  • Ample Coverage: Each box contains 6 panels, covering 10.65627 Sq. Ft., making it easy to enhance large or small areas.



  • Model: Hexagon Abachi Yakisugi
  • Material: Abachi Yakisugi Wood
  • Finish: Natural Abachi Yakisugi
  • Cut Type: Edge Cut + Edge Phase
  • Chemicals Applied: Henkel Glue
  • Dimensions: 16.14″W x 16.14″L per panel
  • Thickness: 0.59″-0.70″ (15-18mm)
  • Weight: 2.64lbs per panel, 15.43lbs shipping weight
  • Coverage: 10.65627 Sq. Ft. per box
  • Interior/Exterior: Interior use, including saunas
  • Warranty: 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • Origin: Designed and made in Estonia



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