EmotionWood Promenade XL Thermo-Abachi

EmotionWood Promenade XL Thermo-Abachi

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Discover the EmotionWood Promenade XL Thermo-Abachi wood wall panels, where warmth meets modern elegance. These panels offer a transformative touch to any interior space, whether it’s a sauna environment, home, or office. Crafted from thermally modified natural Abachi wood, the large hexagon design draws inspiration from the intricate patterns of beehives, creating a visual and tactile experience that’s both sophisticated and inviting. The EmotionWood Promenade XL panels are not just wall decorations; they are an investment in elevating the aesthetic of your cherished spaces.



  • Thermally Modified Natural Abachi Wood: Ensures enhanced durability and stability, bringing warmth and a modern vibe to any setting.
  • Beehive-Inspired Design: The large hexagonal pattern offers a captivating look, reminiscent of natural beehives, adding depth and character to walls.
  • Versatile Enhancement: Ideal for sauna interiors, feature walls, or any indoor space in need of a decorative uplift.
  • Easy Installation: Pre-mounted on 6mm moisture-repellant plywood for a straightforward setup, enhancing your room with minimal effort.
  • Striking Visual Appeal: Each panel is meticulously designed and reviewed for quality, guaranteeing a visually striking accent to any room.
  • Environmentally Sustainable: Crafted with a focus on environmental responsibility, using sustainably sourced materials.



  • Model: Promenade XL Thermo-Abachi
  • Material: Thermally Modified Abachi Wood
  • Dimensions: Panels measure 18.11″W (460mm) x 20.08″L (510mm), with a thickness range of 0.59″ to 0.70″ (15-18mm).
  • Coverage: Each box contains 6 panels, covering a total area of 14.20836 Sq. Ft.
  • Installation: Comes with an easy-to-follow installation manual, ensuring a seamless addition to your space.


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