EmotionWood Square 58 Thermo-Ash

EmotionWood Square 58 Thermo-Ash

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Embrace the timeless allure of medieval craftsmanship with EmotionWood Square 58 Thermo-Ash wall panels. Drawing inspiration from the cobblestone side streets of Tallinn’s enchanting old town, these panels are meticulously cut from thermally modified ash into squares, artfully arranged in a seemingly disorderly fashion to stand out with unique depths. The tactile experience of running your hands over the varying textures invites a moment of reflection, transporting you to an era where every piece was shaped by hand. The deep, rich tones of Thermo-Ash add an element of intimacy to any space, making it perfect for both sauna environments and distinctive interior wall features.



  • Inspired by History: The design mirrors the cobblestone streets of medieval Tallinn, offering a unique, tactile experience.
  • Thermally Modified Ash: Utilizes the beauty and durability of Thermo-Ash, ensuring high durability and environmental sustainability.
  • Artistic Arrangement: Squares are set in a disorderly fashion, creating a striking 3D effect with different depths and a textured feel.
  • Easy Installation: Mounted on 4mm moisture-repellant plywood for simple installation, transforming any room with ease.
  • Striking Visual Impact: A darker shade that enriches your space with warmth and intimacy, suitable for an array of interior settings.
  • Quality Assured: Each piece undergoes a meticulous inspection to ensure the highest quality and craftsmanship.



  • Model: Square 58 Thermo-Ash
  • Material: Premium Thermo-Ash Wood
  • Dimensions: Panels measure 4.53″W (115mm) x 29.13″L (740mm) with a thickness of 0.98″ (25mm).
  • Coverage: Each box contains 12 panels, covering 11.366689 Sq. Ft.
  • Weight: Individual panels weigh 2.20lbs, with a total shipping weight of 24.25lbs per box.
  • Interior Use: Ideal for sauna interiors and other interior walls, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any space.


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