EmotionWood Trail 15 Thermo-Ash

EmotionWood Trail 15 Thermo-Ash

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Dive into the captivating world of EmotionWood Trail 15 Thermo-Ash wall panels, where rustic charm meets contemporary design. The 3D asymmetrical pattern, carved by axe with deliberate edge cuts and a splintered surface, embodies the essence of natural beauty and raw power. Trail 15 panels, known for their depth and intriguing texture, serve as an excellent backdrop for screens or chimneys, enhancing the ambiance of your space with their intimate and engaging presence. Crafted from thermally modified natural Ash wood, these panels not only promise durability but also an environmentally sustainable choice for your interior.



  • Dynamic 3D Asymmetrical Design: Captures attention with its unique texture and depth, making every glance a visual exploration.
  • Thermally Modified Ash Wood: Ensures enhanced durability and resistance, perfect for both sauna interiors and feature walls.
  • Versatile Aesthetic Appeal: The dark, rich color palette introduces an element of intimacy and sophistication to any room.
  • Easy Installation: Pre-mounted on 4mm moisture-repellant plywood for a hassle-free setup.
  • Environmentally Sustainable: Made from sustainably sourced wood, offering a green solution for your decorating needs.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Each box provides 11.36669 Sq. Ft. of exquisite wall coverage, allowing for significant impact with each installation.



  • Model: Trail 15 Thermo-Ash
  • Material: High-quality Thermo-Ash
  • Dimensions: Each panel measures 4.52″W x 30.11″L, with a thickness of 0.98″.
  • Coverage: 11.36669 Sq. Ft. per box, ensuring generous coverage for walls.
  • Design and Manufacture: Proudly designed and crafted in Estonia, embodying exceptional craftsmanship.


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