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The Finlandia K12.5G Club Series Sauna Heater, with its impressive 12.5kW power rating, is meticulously engineered for larger sauna rooms ranging from 494 to 742 cubic feet. This heater is a beacon of Finnish tradition, designed to deliver an authentic sauna experience that combines intense heat with the gentle touch of Finnish craftsmanship. It’s the perfect choice for health clubs, hotels, spas, and homes looking for a powerful and reliable sauna solution.



  • Optimal Heating Capacity: Suitable for sauna rooms between 494 to 742 cubic feet, ensuring a uniform and intense heat distribution.
  • Durable Stainless-Steel Construction: Built with corrosion-resistant stainless steel for longevity and maintenance-free operation.
  • Large Stone Capacity: Direct contact between the stones and heating elements provides consistent and even heat flow.
  • Advanced Control Options: Compatible with CX45 or F2T controls for 240V/1PH operation, and FX404 or FX503 contactors for added convenience.
  • 24-Hour Operation Capability: Ideal for commercial settings, allowing for around-the-clock use with appropriate controls and time clocks.
  • ETL Certified: Meets high safety and operational standards.



  • Power Rating: 12.5kW, accommodating sauna rooms from 494 to 742 cubic feet.
  • Voltage Options: Available in both 240V single-phase and 208V three-phase configurations.
  • Amperage: 52.7 Amps for 240V single-phase; 34.1 Amps for 208V three-phase.
  • Dimensions: Width: 19-7/8″, Depth: 17″, Height: 27-1/2″.
  • Heater Weight: 60 lbs, with a shipping weight of 192 lbs including stones.

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