Designed for the ultimate sauna experience, the Finlandia FIN-60 electric sauna heater brings Finnish craftsmanship right into your home sauna. Engineered for spaces up to 300 cubic feet, this wall-mounted 6kW heater embodies the essence of a traditional Finnish sauna. With its ability to generate a deep, penetrating heat, the FIN-60 promises to elevate your sauna sessions to new levels of relaxation and health benefits.



  • Efficient Heat Distribution: Designed to heat home saunas up to 300 cubic feet, ensuring your space reaches the desired temperature efficiently.
  • Stainless Steel Construction: Features industrial-grade, stainless-steel heating elements and a corrosion-resistant body for longevity.
  • Large Rock Capacity: Rocks in direct contact with heating elements for consistent and even heat distribution.
  • Triple-Wall Construction: Enhances safety and lowers the surface temperature of the heater.
  • Control Flexibility: Compatible with CX170 or F1T controls for 240V/1PH operation, and additional control options for 208V/3PH operation.
  • 24-Hour Operation Capability: Suitable for both private and commercial applications, with options for round-the-clock heating.



  • Power: 6.0 KW, heating sauna rooms up to 300 cubic feet.
  • Voltage Options: Available in 240V/1PH and 208V/3PH configurations.
  • Construction: Stainless steel with optional stainless-steel exterior.
  • Dimensions: 24″H x 16″W x 11″D, perfect for any home sauna kit.
  • Inclusions: Sauna heater, 45 lbs of Igneous sauna stones, installation and operation manual, and a manufacturer’s warranty.

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