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Elevate your sauna experience with the HUUM CLIFF 10.5kW, a masterfully designed electric sauna heater that marries elegance with efficiency. Tailored for saunas up to 600 cubic feet, its svelte profile is a testament to sophisticated engineering, allowing for installation in spaces where room is at a premium. This floor-mounted heater is a beacon of modern sauna heating technology, ensuring your sauna space is both aesthetically pleasing and optimally heated.



  • Sleek and Slim Design: The CLIFF 10.5kW is specifically optimized for saunas with limited space, boasting minimal safety distances from the walls, thus maximizing your sauna’s interior real estate.
  • Rapid Heating: With an internal air duct system, the heater warms sauna rooms up to 25% faster than conventional models, quickly reaching the desired temperature for immediate enjoyment.
  • High Stone Capacity: Accommodating up to 165 pounds of sauna stones, this heater excels in distributing a consistent and enveloping warmth, akin to a gentle embrace, enhancing the steam quality for a deeply satisfying sauna experience.
  • Versatile Installation: The CLIFF 10.5kW’s design includes removable ribs, facilitating precise stone stacking and customization to your liking. Its floor-standing configuration allows for straightforward placement within your sauna space.



  • Power Output: 10.5 kW, optimized for 240V, Single Phase power supply, ensuring robust performance for saunas ranging from 353 to 600 cubic feet in volume.
  • Dimensions: With a footprint of 10.6 inches in width and depth, and standing at 38.4 inches tall, this compact unit is designed to fit unobtrusively in your sauna.
  • Stone Capacity: Designed to hold 165 lbs of sauna stones, it requires 5 boxes of stones, sold separately, enabling you to achieve the perfect sauna ambiance.
  • Construction: Crafted from high-grade stainless steel, including industrial-quality heating elements, the CLIFF 10.5kW is built to last, providing unmatched durability and heat distribution.
Note: Control unit and sauna stones (5 boxes) required for operation are sold separately.

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