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The HUUM CLIFF Mini 3.5 kW electric sauna heater merges sophisticated design with optimal functionality for smaller sauna spaces. This wall-mounted model is a gem for saunas up to 212 cubic feet, offering extremely short safety distances without compromising on the sauna experience. With its contemporary design, the CLIFF Mini not only elevates the look of your home sauna but also ensures a consistent, soft high heat that is characteristic of a superior sauna session.
Engineered and manufactured in Estonia, the HUUM CLIFF Mini 3.5 kW sauna heater represents the perfect blend of style and efficiency for your sauna. With its small footprint, large stone capacity, and rapid heating capability, it stands out as an ideal solution for sauna lovers with space constraints but no willingness to compromise on quality.



  • Intelligent Compact Design: Specifically engineered for smaller saunas, providing a perfect fit for spaces ranging from 123 to 212 cubic feet with limited room.
  • Enhanced Rock Volume: Unlike other heaters of its size, the CLIFF Mini boasts a high rock capacity of 133 pounds, resulting in longer, milder heat and more steam for an enriched sauna experience.
  • Fast Heating: Integrated with an internal air duct, it heats up to 25% faster, ensuring your sauna is ready when you are.
  • Modern Aesthetics: Adds an elegant, upscale look to your sauna with its slender design and stainless steel construction.
  • Versatile Control: Compatible with UKU controls (sold separately) for easy and flexible operation.



  • Power Rating: 3.5 KW, making it an efficient choice for heating smaller saunas.
  • Dimensions: Width: 10.6″ (270mm), Depth: 6.3″ (160mm), Height: 38.4″ (975mm), designed for wall-mounted installation in compact spaces.
  • Heater Weight: Weighs 33 lbs, with shipping weight including sauna stones at 166 lbs.
  • Capacity: Suitable for sauna rooms with volume from 123 to 212 cubic feet.
  • Construction: Made from stainless steel with industrial quality heating elements for durability and effective heat distribution.
Note: Control and sauna stones (4 boxes) required for operation are sold separately. 

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