HUUM UKU Local Sauna Controller Kit

HUUM UKU Local Sauna Controller Kit


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The UKU Local Sauna Control System is an advanced, smart solution designed for those who prefer to control their sauna directly from the control panel on the wall, especially in locations without a network connection. This system boasts a sleek, intuitive design and offers a range of functionalities to enhance your sauna experience. You can easily adjust the temperature, heating time, and even control the sauna lighting, ventilation, and steamer directly from the panel. The UKU Local system prioritizes safety with features like overheating protection and a child lock. For added convenience, if you later decide to control your sauna via an app, you can simply add Wi-Fi capability.


  • Smart Control: Manage your sauna directly from the stylish control panel mounted on the wall.
  • Versatile Functionality: Adjust temperature and heating time; connect and control lighting, ventilation, and steamer.
  • Safety Features: Includes overheating protection and child lock for safe operation.
  • Customizable Design: Choose from different casing designs to match your sauna’s interior: CLASSIC, GLASS, and WOOD.
  • Upgradable: Add Wi-Fi capability later if you want to control your sauna via an app.


  • For Heaters with Power Up To: 11kW (with UKU extension box up to 18kW)
  • Temperature Range: 40-110 °C / 104-230°F
  • Power Supply: 240 V 2~
  • Heating Time Options: 3, 6, 12, 18 hours
  • Sauna Controller: Operated only from the control panel
  • Included Components:

    • CLASSIC sauna control panel
    • Cable for the sauna control panel (118 in / 3 m; 4×22 AWG)
    • Main module
    • Temperature sensor
    • Door sensor
    • Cables for temperature and door sensors (197+197 in / 5+5 m; 2×24 AWG)


Resources:      HUUM UKU Wifi-Local IOM           HUUM UKU Install Diagram          HUUM UKU Warranty

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    Extension Box (Required for all HUUM sauna heaters with 12kW and over)

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