Ice Barrel – Maintenance Kit

Ice Barrel – Maintenance Kit


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Ensure your ice bath remains clean and enjoyable with Ice Barrel’s comprehensive Maintenance Kit, equipped with all the essentials for effortless tub upkeep.

  • Silicone Cleaning Brush: Effortlessly scrub away dirt and residue from the surface of your ice bath with the durable and flexible silicone cleaning brush.

  • Stainless Steel Mesh Net: The stainless steel mesh net is perfect for scooping out debris and keeping your ice bath free from unwanted contaminants.

  • 16 oz Bottle of Cleaning Soap: Keep your ice bath pristine with the included 16 oz bottle of cleaning soap, specially formulated to effectively remove dirt and grime.

  • 6 lb Bag of Lavender or Eucalyptus Epsom Salt: Enhance your ice bath experience with the soothing aroma and therapeutic benefits of Lavender or Eucalyptus Epsom salt, perfect for relaxation and muscle recovery.

  • Shatter-Resistant Thermometer: Monitor the temperature of your ice bath with confidence using the shatter-resistant thermometer, ensuring optimal cooling for your therapy sessions.

  • 8 oz Bottle of Stabilize: Maintain water clarity and balance with the included bottle of Stabilize, designed to stabilize pH levels and prevent bacterial growth.

  • Convenience: With all the essential maintenance tools and products in one kit, keeping your ice bath clean and enjoyable is easier than ever.

  • Quality Assurance: Ice Barrel’s Maintenance Kit features high-quality tools and products, ensuring effective and reliable tub maintenance with each use.

  • Enhanced Experience: By maintaining cleanliness and balance in your ice bath, you can enjoy consistently refreshing and revitalizing therapy sessions.


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