Mr. Steam AirTempo Bezel Square Oil Rbd

Mr. Steam AirTempo Bezel Square Oil Rbd


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The AirTempo Bezel Square in Oil Rubbed Bronze is a premium accessory designed to enrich the aesthetic of your AirTempo wireless steam shower control. Embracing the classic allure of oil rubbed bronze, this bezel adds depth and character to your steam shower setup, making the control a focal point of elegance in your bathroom. Designed to flawlessly fit the square AirTempo control unit, it not only enhances usability but also elevates the overall design of your space. Despite its robust construction, ideal for the moisture-rich steam shower environment, it remains light, weighing just 1 lb. This bezel is perfect for both residential and commercial spaces aiming to blend traditional warmth with modern functionality.



  • Classic Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish: Adds a rich, traditional aesthetic to your wireless steam shower control.
  • Square Design for Perfect Fit: Tailored specifically for the square AirTempo control, ensuring seamless integration.
  • Durable Yet Lightweight: Engineered for durability in steam shower environments without compromising on elegance.
  • Effortless Installation: Simple to install, this bezel instantly upgrades the look of your steam shower control.
  • Enhanced Bathroom Ambiance: Significantly boosts the visual appeal of your steam shower, integrating beautifully with various design themes.



  • Model: 104214ORB
  • Part Type: Bezel for AirTempo Wireless Control
  • Finish: Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Compatibility: Designed exclusively for the AirTempo wireless steam shower control unit
  • Weight: 1 lb.