Mr. Steam Digital 1 Field Kit – 120V


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The Digital 1 Field Kit – 120V, introduced on November 24, 2009, is an essential package designed to equip commercial steam systems with advanced digital control capabilities. This comprehensive kit supports 120V installations, making it perfect for upgrading or installing new digital controls in steam rooms across various commercial settings, such as spas, gyms, and hotels. Weighing 10 lb, the kit includes all necessary components for a full setup, ensuring a seamless integration process. It’s specifically engineered to enhance the user experience by providing precise control over the steam environment, including temperature settings and steam flow, thereby elevating the comfort and sophistication of commercial steam facilities.



  • 120V Compatibility: Tailored for steam systems operating on a 120V power supply, ensuring efficient and reliable control.
  • Advanced Digital Controls: Offers precise management of steam room conditions, allowing for customized user settings.
  • Comprehensive Installation Kit: Includes everything needed for installation or upgrade, simplifying the process for professionals.
  • Enhances Commercial Steam Rooms: Ideal for improving the functionality and user experience in commercial settings.



  • Model: DIGITAL 1 FIELD KIT – 120V
  • Part Type: Digital Control Kit for Steam Systems
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Application: Suitable for commercial steam room control upgrade or new installations
  • Weight: 10 lb.