Mr. Steam Timer Digital w/ Plate CU

Mr. Steam Timer Digital w/ Plate CU


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Introducing the Mr.Steam CU Digital Timer with Plate, a sophisticated timing solution designed for CU commercial steam generators. This digital timer enhances the operational efficiency of your steam room by providing precise control over steam generation, ensuring the steam room is ready exactly when needed. Weighing 2 lbs., it is a compact yet powerful accessory that easily integrates into your existing steam system setup. Perfect for commercial facilities looking to optimize energy use and provide a superior steam room experience, this digital timer is essential for precise, energy-efficient steam room management.



  • Precise Timing Control: Offers accurate control over steam generation, improving energy efficiency and user satisfaction.
  • Compatibility with CU Series: Specifically designed to work seamlessly with Mr.Steam’s CU series commercial steam generators.
  • Includes Mounting Plate: Comes with a plate for easy and secure installation in your steam room or control area.
  • Enhances User Experience: Ensures the steam room is ready at the desired times, enhancing the convenience and comfort for users.
  • Durable Design: Built to withstand the humid and demanding environments typical of commercial steam rooms.



  • Model: 104560
  • Compatibility: Tailored for use with Mr.Steam CU series commercial steam generators
  • Part Type: Digital Timer with Plate
  • Weight: 2 lbs.