Mr. Steam Element 12KW 240/1


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Elevate the performance of your Mr.Steam steam shower system with the MS Series 12KW 240V 1PH Heating Element. This essential component, designed for 240V single-phase electrical installations, is perfect for both residential and commercial steam showers that require high efficiency and powerful steam production. Weighing 5 lb, its durable construction is engineered to withstand the steam shower environment, ensuring long-term reliability and consistent performance. This heating element is ideal for system upgrades, replacements, or to enhance the steam generating capabilities of your steam shower, ensuring optimal operation.



  • Powerful 12KW Output: Delivers exceptional steam production, significantly enhancing the steam shower experience.
  • 240V Single-Phase Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with 240V single-phase electrical systems for efficient and powerful operation.
  • Built to Last: Engineered to endure the rigorous conditions of steam showers, offering durability and long-term reliability.
  • Designed for MS Series: Tailored specifically for compatibility with Mr.Steam steam shower systems, facilitating easy installation and optimal performance.



  • Model: ELEMENT 12KW 240/1
  • Part Type: Heating Element for Steam Shower
  • Voltage: 240V
  • Phase: 1PH
  • Power Rating: 12KW
  • Compatibility: Ideal for Mr.Steam steam shower systems requiring a 12KW element at 240V single phase
  • Weight: 5 lb.