Mr. Steam Pigtail 1/4″ 180Deg Brass


The Pigtail 1/4″ 180-Degree Brass is a high-quality component designed for use in steam systems, boilers, and other applications requiring a durable and reliable connection. This brass pigtail features a 180-degree bend, offering flexibility and ease of installation in tight spaces. Weighing just 1 lb, it’s both lightweight and robust, capable of withstanding high temperatures and pressures commonly found in steam applications. Ideal for residential and commercial settings, this brass pigtail ensures a secure and leak-proof connection, contributing to the overall efficiency and safety of your system.



  • Durable Brass Construction: Offers excellent corrosion resistance and longevity under high-pressure and temperature conditions.
  • 180-Degree Configuration: Provides flexibility for installations in constrained spaces, ensuring a neat and efficient setup.
  • Leak-Proof Connection: Designed for a tight and secure fit, minimizing the risk of leaks and enhancing system reliability.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for a wide range of uses, including steam systems, boilers, and other applications needing a durable connection.



  • Model: PIGTAIL 1/4″ 180DEG BRASS
  • Part Type: Brass Pigtail Connection
  • Angle: 180 degrees
  • Connection Size: 1/4″
  • Weight: 1 lb.