Penguin – Chlorinating Kit

Penguin – Chlorinating Kit


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The Chlorinating Kit offers a comprehensive solution for maintaining clean and sanitized water in your cold therapy tub. This kit includes essential components such as Chlorinating Granules, Test Strips, and a Measuring Spoon, providing you with everything you need for effective water treatment and maintenance.

  • Chlorinating Granules: The Chlorinating Granules are formulated to dissolve quickly and efficiently, releasing chlorine into the water to eliminate bacteria and contaminants.

  • Test Strips: The Test Strips allow you to easily monitor the chlorine levels in your cold therapy tub, ensuring that the water remains within the optimal range for safe and effective use.

  • Measuring Spoon: The Measuring Spoon simplifies the process of accurately dosing the Chlorinating Granules, ensuring that you add the correct amount for effective water treatment.

Using chlorine with your cold therapy tub offers several benefits:

  1. Clean Water: Chlorine helps to kill bacteria and algae, keeping the water clean and free from harmful contaminants.

  2. Extended Maintenance Intervals: By using chlorine regularly, you can prolong the time between water changes and reduce the frequency of filter cleanings, saving you time and effort in tub maintenance.