Penguin – Cold Therapy Chiller

Penguin – Cold Therapy Chiller


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The Penguin Chillers 3/4HP Cold Therapy Chiller is the ultimate solution for maintaining optimal cold temperatures in your ice baths, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned cold therapy enthusiast. Engineered for efficiency and ease of use, this chiller ensures that your ice baths remain consistently cold without the need for constant ice replenishment. With its robust cooling capacity and built-in pump, this chiller delivers reliable performance even in warm weather conditions, making it an indispensable tool for your cold therapy routine.


JamesVerified Owner
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Overall this is such an amazing product. I hooked it up and overnight I had my tub down to 40 degrees and have been using it ever since. The machine is super quiet. The controls are also super easy to use on the unit. I would highly recommend this unit to anyone, I am so happy I finally made the purchase after following Penguin Chillers for a while. I would note for the install kit (It is not plug and play, you need to be able to cut the tubing and add new connections to the end of the tubing. I also had to modify As well to get the tubing to fit on the barbed connections use a blow dryer to heat up the tubing before you slide it on. It will make your life a lot easier. For the filter, it comes with a stand to set it on the ground, I modified the bracket and have it hanging off the top of my tub.
MikeVerified Owner
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What a game changer! Been doing ice bags/buckets/ice machine for years and just upgraded to this cooler. Got my water to mid forties really quickly and maintains it on the dot. The install was a breeze also.
HowardVerified Owner
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Undoubtedly, the Penguin Chiller is the premier solution for cold plunge applications. One of its most commendable features is the integrated pump, which seamlessly connects to the filtration system. The exceptional craftsmanship is immediately evident upon unboxing, attesting to the product’s superior quality. A big selling point for me was that it is made in America! I am willing to spend a little more for an incredibly high-quality product supporting American jobs.
MichaelVerified Owner
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Best cold plunge chiller on the market, period! I keep my cold plunge outside and this is the ONLY chiller on the market I feel comfortable leaving outside, and it keeps a constant temp perfectly! 5 Stars

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