Saunum AIR 10 Sauna Heater with Equalizer


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The Saunum AIR 10 Sauna Heater, a robust 9.6kW unit, is engineered to transform large sauna rooms (282 to 424 cu. ft.) into perfectly balanced environments of warmth and well-being. This heater features Saunum’s signature air mixing technology, blending cold, oxygen-rich air from the floor with hot, oxygen-depleted air from the ceiling to create a uniform, comfortable atmosphere throughout the sauna. Wrapped in an elegant stainless steel finish, it embodies Scandinavian design principles, prioritizing both aesthetics and functionality. The AIR 10’s impressive 231-pound stone capacity ensures a soft, even heat and luxurious steam, while the Himalayan salt reservoir introduces health-enhancing ions into the air, elevating the sauna experience to new heights.



  • Advanced Air Mixing Technology: Guarantees an even temperature and oxygen distribution for unparalleled comfort.
  • Scandinavian Design: A sleek, stainless steel finish that complements any sauna interior with elegance.
  • Exceptional Stone Capacity: Can hold up to 231 pounds of stones, providing softer heat and more luxurious steam (stones sold separately).
  • Himalayan Salt Reservoir: Enhances the sauna air with beneficial ions for improved skin and respiratory health.
  • Wi-Fi Control Option: Enables pre-setting and customization of sauna sessions via a mobile device.
  • Versatile Sauna Experiences: Offers six distinct sauna bathing styles, including Russian Banya, Finnish Sauna, and Yoga Sauna, among others.
  • Safety and Reliability: UL-certified for peace of mind, ensuring the heater meets high safety standards.



  • Model: AIR 10
  • Power: 9.6kW, suitable for sauna rooms from 282 to 424 cubic feet
  • Certification: UL (Underwriters Laboratories)
  • Material: Stainless Steel with Incoloy Heating Elements
  • Stone Capacity: 198 to 231 lbs (stones sold separately)
  • Operating Voltage: 240VAC, Single Phase, 40 Amperage
  • Dimensions: 12.41″D x 18.31″W x 80.54 – 94.49″H (adjustable telescopic air intake)
  • Included Accessories: Stainless steel stone basket, heat equalizing module, telescopic hot air intake, Himalayan salt spheres, and more.
  • Warranty: Limited warranty included


Resources:        Saunum Revolution           Certificate of Compliance          Installation Manual


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