Type C Single Sided Foil Vapor Barrier

Type C Single Sided Foil Vapor Barrier


 Essential Radiant and Vapor Barrier for Sauna Construction

This superior radiant and vapor barrier is an essential component for sauna construction or other building applications. Installing this vapor barrier under the tongue and groove wall boards is crucial in increasing the R-value, radiating heat back into the sauna, and offering extra protection from sauna moisture.

Installation Process: Once you frame and insulate your sauna walls, simply staple this product to the studs, prior to installing your tongue and groove wood. For the best protection, it is advised to make as few cuts as possible and always overlap adjoining runs by 2″ – 3″. This roll is 3.28′ x 82.02′ (269 s.f.). It will cover up to a 6′ x 8′ x 7′ sauna.

Benefits of our vapor foil barrier:  The vapor barrier not only increases the efficiency of your sauna’s heating system by reflecting radiant heat but also protects the structure from potential moisture damage. Ensuring the barrier is properly installed and sealed with Tough Tape will maximize the effectiveness and longevity of your sauna.

NOTE: For an even better installation, tape the seams using a roll of Tough Tape. This tape ensures that all seams are sealed and moisture-proof, enhancing the barrier’s effectiveness. One roll of Tough Tape is generally enough for a roll of foil, making it a convenient addition to your sauna construction supplies.