Wood Sauna Heaters: A Finnish Tradition


Sauna, a common word in fitness circles all around the world, is known for the amazing health benefits associated with it. One can trace its roots as far back as 7,000 BC. This popular activity is an especially integral part of Finnish culture. The only Finnish word that has made its way into English is ‘Sauna’. Finns have used them for thousands of years for family gatherings, the maintaining of hygiene, and even as a place for child birth.

In the modern day, however, the dimly-lit, wood-paneled community saunas have been replaced by those found at local spas, gyms and homes. Of course sauna heaters also come in electric and gas models, but a true wood-fired sauna heater most closely recreates what the early users experienced. It’s not just about the heat, but also about the flickering flames, the whiff of wood smoke, and the entire ambiance. “Wood burning stoves provide a very soft, soothing heat and a wonderful atmosphere,” say experts at The Sauna Place.

Benefits of Wood Heaters

No Electricity Required

Hell hath no fury when Mother Nature strikes! Hurricane Harvey, which made landfall over Rockport and Fulton, Texas, on August 25, 2017 caused massive devastation. Power was finally restored in the state about two weeks after Harvey destroyed 5,700 power poles and damaged 700 miles of power lines along the coast and inland, says an article on USA Today, published in October 2017. The presence of a non-electric heater can make such circumstances a little easier to deal with. Wood burning sauna heaters are also ideal for remote areas that have no electricity.

Health Benefits of Traditional Sauna

The temperature of a traditional sauna, such as one heated by a wood-fired sauna heater, is much higher than that of a steam room. Steam rooms have 100% humidity, but a traditional sauna has only approximately 30%. Traditional saunas are also better at relieving tension and stress, while also improving blood circulation. They help to rejuvenate the skin through perspiration, according to Men’s Health magazine. Of course, there are proponents of both steam rooms and traditional saunas, with each bringing along its own set of benefits. If you feel that a steam room is a better fit for you, we have those too, say experts at The Sauna Place. Ultimately the choice is yours, depending on what benefits you wish to gain.

Socialize at the Sauna

Saunas offer a traditional and somewhat nostalgic environment, especially when a wood burning sauna stove is used. If one enjoys building fires and hosting sauna parties, this is an ideal option. The flickering flames, the soft crackle of wood burning, and the unmistakable fragrance come together to create a symphony for the senses. This creates the perfect environment for spending quality time with your friends and family.

Finland is still a great place to go to for an authentic sauna experience. It is a nation of 5.3 million people and about 3.3 million saunas. They can be found in homes, offices, factories, sports centers, hotels, ships and even on the shores of many of the country’s most picturesque lakes and waterways. The country also produces some of the best electric and wood burning sauna heaters in the world. The good news is that these are readily available in the United States now too!

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