Almost Heaven Patterson 6 Person Sauna

Almost Heaven Patterson 6 Person Sauna


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The Patterson sauna offers a corner design that not only saves space but also comfortably accommodates up to six individuals, providing an ideal setting for a traditional sauna experience. Featuring full top benches along two walls and a retractable lower bench, this sauna seamlessly integrates into your existing space, using your current flooring. The Harvia 8kW electric heater ensures the sauna reaches up to 180ºF within an hour, or you can opt to delay the start time by up to eight hours, enabling you to enjoy a hot sauna after completing daily activities.



  • Space-Saving Corner Design: Maximizes room usage while offering substantial seating.
  • Retractable Lower Bench: Provides flexibility in sauna space and seating arrangements.
  • Seamless Integration: Designed to fit into your current space and utilize existing flooring.
  • Adjustable Heating: Features a Harvia 8kW electric heater with an option to delay start time.



  • Model: 1-042-541
  • Capacity: Comfortably seats up to six people.
  • Construction: 1-3/8” thick tongue-and-groove with tempered and tinted glass door.
  • Heater: 8kW, 240V, 40-amp requirement, hard-wire connect.
  • Lighting: Interior LED light with 110V, 15-amp service.
  • Exterior Dimensions: 80”W x 80”D x 80”H.
  • Interior Dimensions: 78”W x 78”D x 78”H.
  • Bench Sizes: Upper and lower benches with an L extension for ample seating.
  • Shipping Weight: 1050 lbs.

Resources:                Almost Heaven Patterson Assembly Manual            Harvia KIP Sauna Heater Manual

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