CEDRO ™ Cold Plunge – $2,000 OFF FOR THE FIRST 10 ORDERS!

CEDRO ™ Cold Plunge – $2,000 OFF FOR THE FIRST 10 ORDERS!

Original price was: $9,999.00.Current price is: $7,999.00.

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Discover the CEDRO ™ Cold Plunge, a pinnacle of American craftsmanship. As the first cold plunge tub made entirely in the USA, it combines top-tier performance with elegant design.

Ideal for cold immersion therapy, it features a high performing, energy efficient Penguin Chiller that is conveniently housed within the plunges outer walls. This not only quiets the sounds of the chiller but also delivers a clean design in nearly any location. The CEDRO ™ Cold Plunge also boasts superior cooling and insulation as it prevents condensation, holds temperature longer, and reduces chiller noise even more. The Western Red Cedar, treated for outdoor durability, ensures longevity and visual appeal for decades to come. The CEDRO ™ Cold Plunge comes with a 2 year warranty.

Experience a quieter, more efficient plunge with the CEDRO ™ Cold Plunge, a true embodiment of quality and customer-centric product design.


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