Dundalk – Cloudburst Outdoor Shower

Dundalk – Cloudburst Outdoor Shower


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Embrace the ultimate outdoor refreshment with the Cloudburst Outdoor Shower, a pinnacle of design and functionality by Dundalk Leisurecraft. Available in both Clear Red Cedar and Knotty Red Cedar, this modern free-standing shower enhances any outdoor space, providing a serene escape for cooling down, rinsing off after a swim, or unwinding post-sauna. Its privacy wall design and self-closing door, mounted with stainless steel hinges, ensure a blend of elegance, privacy, and durability.
Whether you choose the sleek, polished look of Clear Red Cedar or the natural, rustic beauty of Knotty Red Cedar, the Cloudburst Outdoor Shower stands as a testament to Canadian craftsmanship. Each variant promises a refreshing outdoor bathing experience, blending seamlessly with the landscape while offering privacy and luxury.



  • Modern Privacy Wall: Offers seclusion and style, making it a perfect addition to your cottage or backyard oasis.
  • Self-Closing Door: Equipped with stainless steel hinges for a smooth and secure closure after each use.
  • Free-Standing Design: Allows for easy placement and installation in any outdoor setting.



  • Cloudburst Outdoor Shower in Clear Red Cedar:
    • Material: Features a modern design crafted from Clear Red Cedar, known for its smooth texture and uniform appearance.
    • Gross Weight: 360.39 pounds, reflecting its sturdy yet elegant construction.
    • Shipping Dimensions: Currently unspecified, please contact for details.
  • Cloudburst Outdoor Shower in Knotty Red Cedar:
    • Material: Offers the rustic charm of Knotty Red Cedar, adding warmth and character with its distinct patterns.
    • Gross Weight: 402.64 pounds, indicating a robust build suitable for the rigors of outdoor use.
    • Shipping Dimensions: 84 x 45 x 26 inches, ensuring safe and secure delivery to your doorstep.


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