Experience the pinnacle of sauna heating with the Harvia Club K15G, a 15kW powerhouse designed to elevate the sauna experience in rooms ranging from 600 to 989 cubic feet. Built on Harvia’s extensive expertise in sauna innovation, this floor model combines durability, safety, and high performance to cater to both home and commercial settings.



  • Exceptional Heating Capacity: Capable of heating sauna rooms from 600 to 989 cubic feet, perfect for larger spaces.
  • Efficient Heat Distribution: A large rock capacity in direct contact with heating elements ensures a smooth, even flow of intense heat.
  • Deluxe Construction: Featuring deluxe stainless steel both inside and out for maximum durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Advanced Safety Features: Multi-layer construction reduces surface temperature, enhancing user safety.
  • Customizable Heat Control: Requires separate Xenio control for personalized sauna sessions.
  • Generous Rock Capacity: Accommodates over 132lbs of stones for optimal heat retention and distribution (stones sold separately).


  • Model: Club15kW
  • Power: 15kW, suitable for sauna rooms between 600 to 989 cubic feet.
  • Electrical Requirements: Available in both 240V single-phase and 208V three-phase configurations.
  • Dimensions: 19.9″W x 16.9″D x 27.6″H
  • Heater Weight: 60 lbs, with a total shipping weight of 192 lbs including sauna stones.

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