Harvia 36DUO


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Harvia Duo is a combination of woodburning sauna stove and fireplace. Heat your sauna to bathing temperature – and enjoy the warmth of the fire at the same time. Duo enhances the traditional spirit of the sauna and gives a good, hot bath. Harvia Duo is also very durable. The outer casing of the stove is made of high-quality stainless steel. The stove has a large, stylish steel-framed glass door. The stove can be equipped with a pipe mounted water heater.

Size: 20 1/8″w x 20 1/8″d + 8 5/8″d x 32″h, Color: Stainless, Cubic Feet min.-max.: 494-1272, Weight: 177 lbs., Stone capacity: 135 lbs., Location for smoke outlet: Top, Firewood max size: 6″ diam. x 15 3/8″ long

Harvia M3 to 36 Duo Installation & Use Manual

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