Mr. Steam Round Faceplate,iTempo™ WH PC

Mr. Steam Round Faceplate,iTempo™ WH PC


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The Mr.Steam Round Faceplate for iTempo™ and iTempo Plus in White Polished Chrome is a premium accessory designed to enhance the look and functionality of your steam shower’s control system. This elegantly crafted faceplate combines the pristine beauty of white with the sleekness of polished chrome, offering a sophisticated and modern touch to any steam shower setup. Weighing just 1 lb., it’s a lightweight addition that significantly upgrades the aesthetic appeal of your steam controls without compromising on durability or ease of use. Ideal for those seeking to refresh their steam shower’s design, this faceplate ensures your controls are both visually appealing and perfectly integrated into your bathroom’s overall style.



  • Elegant White Polished Chrome Finish: Combines the clean, fresh look of white with the modern appeal of polished chrome for a stunning visual impact.
  • Designed for iTempo™ Controls: Tailored to fit seamlessly with both iTempo™ and iTempo Plus control units, ensuring a perfect match.
  • Durability Meets Style: Crafted to endure the steamy conditions of steam showers, offering long-lasting beauty and functionality.
  • Effortless Installation: Easy to attach, this faceplate allows for a straightforward upgrade, enhancing the user interface with minimal effort.
  • Lightweight and Impactful: At only 1 lb., it offers a significant design enhancement without adding unnecessary weight or bulk.



  • Model: 104109WPC
  • Compatibility: Specifically designed for Mr.Steam iTempo™ and iTempo Plus steam shower controls
  • Part Type: Round Faceplate, iTempo™ WH PC
  • Finish: White Polished Chrome
  • Weight: 1 lb.