Mr. Steam iSteamX Hub, Replacement

Mr. Steam iSteamX Hub, Replacement


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Keep your Mr.Steam iSteamX control system operating flawlessly with the iSteamX Hub Replacement. This central hub is the core of the iSteamX control system, designed to manage and coordinate the operation of your steam shower’s features, including temperature control, aromatherapy, chromatherapy, and more. Weighing 2 lbs., this replacement hub ensures that your residential or commercial steam system continues to provide a seamless and luxurious steam experience. Ideal for repairs or upgrades, the iSteamX Hub Replacement is essential for maintaining the high performance and reliability of your Mr.Steam setup.



  • Centralized Control: Acts as the nerve center for the iSteamX control system, managing various steam shower functions.
  • Seamless Integration: Designed specifically for compatibility with Mr.Steam iSteamX setups, ensuring smooth operation.
  • Reliable Performance: Maintains the integrity and efficiency of your steam shower’s control system.
  • Easy Replacement: Simplifies the process of replacing the hub, minimizing downtime and ensuring a quick return to optimal functionality.
  • Durable Design: Constructed to withstand the humid environment of steam showers, guaranteeing long-term reliability.



  • Model: 104545
  • Compatibility: Tailored for use with Mr.Steam iSteamX control systems
  • Part Type: iSteamX Hub, Replacement
  • Weight: 2 lbs.