Mr. Steam Valve Safety 15PSI 3/4″

Mr. Steam Valve Safety 15PSI 3/4″


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Enhance the safety and reliability of your steam system with the Mr.Steam Safety Valve, rated at 15PSI and designed for a 3/4″ connection. This essential component is perfect for both residential and commercial applications, where it acts as a critical safeguard against overpressure conditions. By automatically releasing excess steam when pressure exceeds 15PSI, this valve ensures your system operates within safe parameters. Weighing 2 lbs., it’s a robust yet easily integrated addition to any Mr.Steam system, providing peace of mind through enhanced safety features.



  • Critical Safety Feature: Automatically releases steam at pressures above 15PSI, maintaining system safety.
  • Durable Design: Constructed to withstand the rigors of steam system environments, ensuring long-term reliability.
  • Easy Installation: Simplified design allows for quick and straightforward integration into existing setups.
  • Universal Compatibility: Ideal for use with a wide range of Mr.Steam residential and commercial steam systems.
  • Compact and Efficient: Offers powerful safety functionality without occupying significant space or adding undue weight.



  • Model: 99297
  • Compatibility: Suitable for Mr.Steam residential and commercial steam systems
  • Part Type: Safety Valve 15PSI 3/4″
  • Weight: 2 lb.